Our commitment to excellence is underpinned by the following core values:


Operating with integrity and behaving in a trustworthy and loyal fashion for clients and partners alike, is at the heart of our business. We like to think that a 30 year track record and over £750million projects under our belt, is testament to the fact we don’t prioritise the bottom line at any cost.


The CIRC team have been involved in some of the most complex and high profile building projects in the UK. We know what will work and what won’t, and are able to draw on a deep pool of expertise and experience to ensure project success.


Whether we are involved from project inception or parachuted in to deal with a project going off the rails, our commercial nous and strategic eye means we select the smartest routes forward for our clients and deliver the greatest commercial success.

 As well as managing projects already on the drawing board, our entrepreneurial attitude and large black book of industry contacts mean we frequently act as a catalyst for deals, marrying sites with funding and getting developments off the ground.


For us the success of a project depends on one very simple factor, client satisfaction. Do they have a building that works for them and allows them to achieve their objectives? We believe that client satisfaction can only be guaranteed by placing them at the heart of the management process. Our roundtable approach ensures that their needs are directly embedded into the project from day one and that all those involved, from the engineer to the plasterer, know what the end goal is.


To our clients, to our partners and to our work. We are passionate about what we do, relentlessly thorough and have a keen eye for detail. In our experience sometimes it’s the seemingly small things that can often unhinge a project or derail a budget. At CIRC we leave no stone unturned.