Roundtable construction

Rountable Preconstruction flowchart.png

In roundtable construction, much same as traditional construction, CIRC is appointed after a concept has been agreed upon by the client and architect. However, this is where the similarity in process ends. Before a single workman steps foot on site, all key subcontractors are appointed and workshops are organised by CIRC which includes all the parties. Early involvement of the whole team informing design and construction solutions hugely reduces any timeline, quality or budget risk before ever starting on site. Employing the specialist knowledge of these subcontractors ensures that any problems that were previously unknown at the high level are discovered and rectified before any works begin. Once due diligence has been done and the client is happy, a fixed priced contract for all work is issued and the project will be built. Before the contract is signed during the pre-constuction period there will be no construction costs incurred by the client.