Giving clients real, not illusory control

We offer clients a new model of delivery and take ownership of the delivery of our clients’ vision. Unlike other ‘construction managers’ we don’t simply shift invoices onto our clients, we offer fixed fees and cost certainty and look to add value wherever possible.

We have developed a roundtable approach that brings all parties to the table to work out, in collaboration, how best to meet a client’s objectives. From the foreman to the owner, insights and learning points are gathered from stakeholders up and down the supply chain, to the benefit of all. This approach means:

  • The client is properly integrated into the management process, not left sitting on the sidelines receiving information in a silo
  • Costly bureaucracy is removed
  • Any ‘gaps’ in project delivery are identified and resolved early on 
  • The entire construction team pulls in the same direction
  • Budgets are kept trim and projects are delivered on time

It is a simple concept but one that delivers great things.